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The New Standard of Law

Draft, manage, share and store all your legal
documents. Powered by intelligent automation and AI.
Legal tech

Legal Tech

Your go-to website for all your legal needs. Intelligent legal documents and system built-in advise with no need for lawyers' hourly fees.
Intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation and AI

AI-powered SaaS platform with global reach and an appetite for developing algorithmic law.
Fair access to all

Fair Access to Law

thearkhives wants to offer everyone an equal and fair access to law through technology. This includes business owners, start-ups, lawyers, companies, in-house lawyers, law firms, individuals and government departments.

For all your legal needs



Quality and Price

Quality & Price

Affordable pricing mechanism & quality based on data and system - not user's wealth.


Smart AI-supported document creation to enable better and faster response times leading to increased efficiency for all users.
Data and Control

Data & Control

Platform that functions as a data bank and document control tool in addition to offering smart contract features for the users.


Fully automated SaaS, easy to use & no industry knowledge required. Your go-to website for all legal needs.


Available 24/7 with subscription packages for all types of users. Make legal a tool and do business at your own pace.

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